5 Methods of Success that worked for me.

Shitiz Srivastava
4 min readMar 29, 2021


One should not tell anyone about the success methods unless one has tried them on himself. That is my belief. I have read hundreds of books on success and over the years tried a lot of things to find out whether they work for or not.

Here are my inferences -

  1. Do not worry about how you are going to do it. Most people worry too much when they set goals that how they are going to do it. They shouldn’t. Most books also teach you that. Now you might be surprised at this method of just setting goals and not trying to know how you will find how it is done. Blame your life teachings for it. We all grow up believing in some theory that is taught to us by other people and over the years our sub-conscious mind is scarred with those beliefs that it refuses to believe anything otherwise. Most people want to be sure of the outcomes of their actions and that is because they are averse to taking risks. No successful person ever knew how they were going to do it, they just moved out of their house and started doing it. The path becomes clear as one keeps taking action. I won’t say that you believe every word that I tell you and everything I ask you to do but if over the years something has not worked for you, then give me some time to prove my point. Give me like 6 months of your life and I will prove my point. Just set some goals and instead of figuring out how you will achieve them, just read them more often. Your mind will be directed towards doing it and within some time you will miraculously see the path shown to you about how it is done.
  2. Read your goals as many times as possible. There is nothing more useful than writing your goals down and reading them again and again. I don’t care why it works but all I know is that it works. However, I believe it works because it keeps your mind focus on the things that you really want to do all the time and never let you distract hither and thither.
  3. Stop using your phone too much. There cannot be more emphasis anyone can put on this one. Phones are a huge distraction not because they are but because there are millionaire and billionaires around the world who want it to be that way. They are researching day and night to figure out ways to keep you engaged to your phone because that is what generates money for them. You are wasting your time on it while they are earning money from it. It is only a fraction of people on social media who earn any money from it. Make it a rule — Either you earn money from social media or don’t use it at all. It is a tremendous waste of time and energy.
  4. Be with successful people. I have this belief that if you spend time with successful people then a part of their personality rubs on you. I try to meet as many successful people as possible because they can tell you what works and what doesn’t works in the market of life. If you have lots of negative vampires in your life or people who do not desire to be successful, there are chances that you will end up like them. I read somewhere that we all are the sum result of the 6 people we meet every day in our lives. Try to meet good people and people who share the same passion and enthusiasm as you. That will boost the process of your success.
  5. Don’t think too much and - ACT. Take the fucking action. Everyone will tell you that you have to Think and Grow Rich. While that is true to some extent but there is one more thing that is more important than thinking all the time. It is to act on your thinking. Most people just think and don’t do anything. If you want to become a writer then write. If you want to become a guitarist then play the guitar. Nothing can be more simple than that to understand. One learns more by doing things than by wishing to do them. More than that when one takes and action and gets the result, he feels more motivated to take more action. Thinking doesn't process results, it just sets the direction, it is the action that brings the results. The reason most people are depressed these days is that they think too much, imagine it happening, visualize the result but never take action. Later when they don’t see any result, they get depressed. I personally that the main reason behind common depression among youth is lack of action and lack of patience to act more to get results.

Additional bonus point -

6. Keep track of your progress. There is nothing more motivating to know how much you have done in the past. If you keep track of what you have done, it will motivate you to do more stuff. Numbers really motivate people. Number your activities and set them as goals and instead of trying to make an act of yours more perfect, try upping the numbers of acts you have done. We all get better with time and more efforts.

I have tried all these methods and I use them on daily basis and it helps me in moving ahead in life. It works for me and I hope it will work for as well.

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