98. Writing is Tough

Shitiz Srivastava
3 min readMay 9, 2021


If only I knew before entering into the world of writing that the writing is going to be this tough, I would not have entered it.

Trust me, I was under the impression that any art like writing or painting is more of a matter of pursuit of creativity before the reality hit me in the head that art actually is more a matter of discipline and perseverance than anything else.

Nothing good can come out of people working for hours and hours continuously at a stretch of time because real work comes out from a person when he works for few hours only but works those few hours every day for a longer period of time.

Writing comes tough for me because of my huge expectations with myself that I can write a lot but when I retrospect I realize that I actually don’t write much. I plan more about writing than actually writing anything.

The act of creating some thoughts and giving words to it is a scary thing to do.

Writing is like blindly walking in a dark room when you have no idea which place you are and where you are going. It is only in the second draft where you walk back to the same room again and this time the dim lights are on. As we re-read more of what we have written more lights are lit up in the room. In the end, we are in a brightly lit room and start seeing everything correctly.

But every time we begin writing, which starts with that scary white blank computer screen, it is always the same fear of walking in the dark room and not knowing what is lying ahead.

The fear is always going to be there. I think that fear is never going to go away but I guess the most prolific writers learn to walk despite having the fear.

I think in today’s competitive world, the amount of hard work that is required to become successful has multiplied several times.

Whatever your idea of hard work is, in order to become successful, just multiple that by ten times and that is what is required by you today to become successful.

Murakami Writes for 5 hours daily for God’s sakes.

I think to get success in writing, one has to keep striking those keys on the keyboards the entire day and bleed their eyes out before one can even think of coming out of something which is truly marvelous content.

I have decided to write for medium every day and I won’t care anymore about writing 2000 words as per my previous plan. I won’t care about grammar and correct sentence structuring, which I realized are more detrimental to my writing habits than anything else.

Developing writing habits more important than writing well. Good writing is like the second phase of writing, while habit and discipline come first.

I will not focus on 2000 words rather I will focus on 500 words only.

Writing 2000 words for every article is what is demotivating me. The task appears so humongous to me that I don’t even begin writing.

But now all I am going to do and is write and write more till my fingers become numb.

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