99. Credit Game — Why not just accept that people want Credit ??

Shitiz Srivastava
4 min readMay 11, 2021


There has always been a fight inside my mind between two things — The things I am told the way things work in this world and the way things actually work in this world.

Everyone says — “Do not look for credit and work your way up. If you are really talented and hard-working, things will happen on their own, and one fine day people will notice how good you are.”

Does it really happen?

Well, hell no.

Might happen to few, but most remain unsuccessful throughout their life because of this philosophy.

Frankly, it is all a bunch of crap fed to us by some people who really don’t want to fight others for their own rights. The passive people of society don’t want any chaos in their lives advice others to not fight back.

Just to make it clear, by fighting I am not talking about knuckle fighting or punching someone in their guts. It is merely opposing someone to protect your own right. However, if the need arises, punching someone cannot be ruled out. Some people well deserve that.

You got to fight for what is right and fighting is one of the most essential, useful, and natural ways for humans to move up the ladder and survive.

We, humans, are coward by nature. We just don’t want to fight and even if we have to fight, we would find the means to cheat and later call ourselves victor. We kill and eat animals like chickens, goats, and pigs who are usually so harmless that they can’t even defend themselves. We don’t eat lions because they are hard to kill and are capable of ripping our intestines apart. History is full of people who have been hunting rabbits with guns. It boosts their ego and sense of adventure but actually, it is the most cowardly thing one can do, and one is doing it for a very long time.

If you look at the animal kingdom, everything that an animal gets, he gets it by fighting.

The same goes for Humans. We are also animals no matter how we try to segregate ourselves by using linguistics, it doesn’t matter. Our basic instinct is to fight for survival.

But if we let that instinct go loose than, we wouldn’t have reached the population of 8 Billion today.

Why do we as humans keep denying the fact that being passive never lets you achieve anything in life?

The truth is that the people who are aggressive, assertive, and people who are tough to mess with are the ones who keep moving ahead in life.

This is why I wanted to talk about credits because no one talks about them. I have set the context for the conversation, let's talk about it now.

Credits are one thing I have faced most problems with.

Credits are one thing I have seen most people ruining their friendship over.

Everyone wants credit and just like Clint Eastwood says in the film “Unforgiven” — ‘Deserve has nothing to do with it’.

Humans believe whatever they want to believe and over time they can convince themselves of anything.

Recently I send a draft of my article to a friend to read. She suggested changes and later I found that she was telling other people that it was she who actually wrote the article and gave it to me and I was the one who stole her ideas. Thank God For Gmail where I had the proof with dates.

I am scared of sending my work to anyone else now, even for a second opinion.

She wanted the credit. She didn’t ask me because deep down she knew it was not right but over the sleepless nights she somehow convinced herself that that article was actually written with her intellect and not mine.

I fought back with her and she yielded. We don’t talk anymore.

When I started my career, everyone advised me that do not care about credits. Someday everything will be given to you on your own and if you keep doing the hard work, it will come out in front of the world on its own.

That is the most bullshit advice that anyone can ever give you.

Over the years if there is one thing I have learned in my life then it is that if you have done something, then fucking fight to get your credit for it.


Because you fucking deserve it.

There will be books and people who will tell you that never fight for credits but that is just one piece of advice people will give you because they believe it is a futile exercise and they know that over time friendships and relationships are ruined between best friends because of credit division.

There are two things you will face in the market.

First, people don’t want to give credit to others. Second, most people fight for credits when they don’t even deserve them.

Don’t be like them and fight for credits when you think it is just and honest.

That is one thing that I think everyone must follow. I truly want everyone to be satisfied with what credit they get based on what they have done. But when it is taken away, fight back.

Fight for your right because no one else will.



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