Defining Moments — Are they for Real ??

I was once in awe of biographies I read and wondered how every great man had their defining moment except me. Not that I am calling myself great, but I thought to become great you need your defining moment. I decided to find my defining moment.

However, the problem with the defining moment is that you cannot create them as they are an external activity which comes to you. You cannot create it.

I wanted to know more about it so I went ahead and decided to find some real-life examples of “defining moments”.

I messaged some of the highbrows of the Film and advertising industry and asked them if I could meet them and ask them about their life journey and defining moments.

To my surprise, everyone I approached agreed to meet me and talk to me about his or her defining moments.

I met more than 20 people from various fields, some were CEOs, Ad film directors, film directors and some were executives and some were art professionals.

They all told me about their journey in detail and how one thing happened after another but by the time interview ended I asked them what their defining moment was and they all looked at me.

They had never thought about it.

None of the successful people I met had their defining moments. They all told me stories that they kept on doing what they thought was best at the moment and things kept on happening for them.

So there was no particular defining moment in anyone’s life, rather their life was a collection of so-called defining moments, which changed their entire life.

One ad filmmaker told me that he came to Mumbai clueless, as he did not have a graduation degree, contacts and any money but he as to find some work somewhere.

His distant relative got him some work but it was an unpaid job of TV show editing where for the first six months he just had to sit behind to learn and watch professionals editing and there was no pay involved. For lack of anything else to do, he started doing it.

Later, he got his hands on editing and was being paid meagrely for editing. Years passed and he became an in house editor for the company. He was well settled now and was earning more than he expected from himself.

Once he was editing promos for MTV, which looked lavish and cool but were mostly low budget. He would keep telling the production people, what shots were missing and how they can make it better.

After some time, since he had given so many nice insights to them about the shooting, they asked him whether he would shoot some promos for him. He said yes.

For the next two years, he kept shooting promos as director. He was known in the circuit as the director and editor of promos.

After watching his promo profiles, someone offered him Ad film to direct and he that’s how he got his first Ad film. He later did more than 300 ad films and established his own company. One thing led to another and later he started doing his own feature films.

He told me that he just kept doing what he thought was coming his way and he never said no to any work no matter what it was and never had any defining moments.

Similar stories were of other people.

Defining moments is a word that is used in books and documentaries to create a dramatic effect and it works like a charm.

Defining moment, in my opinion, is similar to the phrase “overnight success” in context. It talks about that one moment when everything changes for a man.

In reality, nothing like that ever happens.

Life is a gradual step-by-step process of doing things and things happen over a long period of time.

A man who refuses to quit becomes successful and a man who quits lives a life of failure and oblivion.

Stop getting involved in the mumbo jumbo of literary words that are used for creating a dramatic effect. Nothing will ever happen in a moment or overnight. I wasted two years of my life researching about it only to know that it was a myth.

Never wait for any defining moment.

The success of any person is the result of his persistence and his ability to get up every day and do whatever it takes to become successful.

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