How to become a successful Instagram influencer?

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I never liked Instagram but then I heard a lecture by Gary Vaynerchuk and it changed my thinking.

Most of the time we think that we will post a few photos here and there and people will start following and we all secretly hope that maybe, just maybe some photo will get viral and you would turn into an internet celebrity.

It never happens.

It doesn’t happen because Instagram is not a fluke and like any other medium it requires hard work and tremendous efforts to become a worthwhile influencer on Instagram.

Hard work mixed with right strategies is the only solution.

But more than hard work there is one thing you will need more and that will be Persistence. You have to constantly keep posting content on Instagram to be relevant on it. Discipline is a must ingredient.

Instagram is a great medium to promote your business, products and it is also a great place to make money from your hobbies.

I have read everything under the Earth that needs to be known by anyone to boost his Instagram followers very fast.

And this is what I have inferred from all the knowledge.

There is no shortcut.

If you are a celebrity, you don’t need to worry about anything.

But if you are not — Hard work is the only key.

Initially, it was easy to gain followers on Instagram because it was a social networking tool but as time passed the brands and companies associated with it have started using it as a platform to promote their business. People have started earning money from it, it has now indeed become more difficult to gain followers for a common person than it was earlier.

I have seen accounts of people who post great content on Instagram and yet they don’t gain followers.

But why ?

The Instagram follows certain rules now and to gain followers in it, you have to follow those rules. I have tried those rules and gained more than 100 followers in 3 days.

The rules work all the time. Here they are-

  • Post daily.

It is this and nothing else that will gain you more followers. Consistent posting gives an impression to followers that you are active and they want to follow you to see more of your content.

  • Use filters and colour correction techniques.

There is nothing more discouraging on Instagram than a bad photo. You can beautify even a bad photo with the right combinations of colour correction tools and filters. You can either use the inbuild Instagram filters and colour correction tools or if you want to go to advanced level and make photos even better, use Snapseed App.

  • Great description works in your favour.

Most People looks at your photos with your friends and don’t know what they are for. If you are with friends, explain the condition and situation in which they were clicked. If you have a food photo, describe the place and the name of the food. Information is the key. More information means more engagement. People will find it easy to comment after reading your descriptions. Also, descriptions make it easy for others to find your post. Nothing goes waste on Social media. The words in your description also help at SEO in boosting your post and make it easy to search. Write descriptions of at least 240 words or beyond.

** Here is a secret trick. Write descriptions in story form. They gather more traction. Even if sometimes you have create fiction stories to describe photos, do it.

  • Hashtags are very important.

There are two mistakes people do while putting hashtags. First, they put hashtags in the place of descriptions. Second, they save one kind of hashtags and keep posting them again and again. Hashtags are not something for people to read, they are used by internal coding processes to find your post when someone searches a word that resembles your hashtag.

  • After the description, give some space and enter dots (.) four times before giving hashtags so that they hide down in a normal post unless clicked upon.
  • Change hashtags for every post depending on the post that you are posting. Same hashtags mean targeting the same people again and again. It is better to target different groups every time. Lifestyle post’ers won’t like your food photos and vice versa. If you think that it is difficult to come up with the right hashtags every time, then don’t worry, there are numerous apps that provide you with the right hashtags by a single word that you feed in. One of those that I use frequently is Leetags App.
  • Follow people and like and comment on their photos.

Expecting people to like your page and follow just because you are there is quite selfish in itself, ain’t it. Create conversations and interact with people. Always reply to comments and messages. They will help create a positive reputation and people will follow you more.

  • Choose a theme.

Don’t just keep adding any photos on your Instagram page or you will lose followers. Apart from being a Social Media site, Instagram is a marketing tool now as well. People like to connect with right-minded people there. This has now also become a limitation of Insta. Make a food profile, or a lifestyle profile, or a quotes profile and then follow that theme. It helps to find people with similar interest as they are more likely to follow you.

  • Write a killer bio.

People will often visit your profile after liking your post. Your Bio will be the first thing they will read. It cannot be empty. It has to be cool and at the same time, it has to be informative. Use hashtags in your bio to make them search you easily. Use @ function if you can, in case you want to redirect them somewhere. Mention your other social media profiles too, in case they want to know more about you, they can go to that profile. Give the coolest description possible with the use of appropriate smileys. Hint : Use humour, it always works.

So These are a few methods which will help you tremendously while making your profile a killer profile.

If you have money, then I would also suggest using the Instagram post Promotion methods to promote your posts. Yes, it is quite helpful and useful and makes you more noticeable.




A Film Director|| An Author At Amazon || Quora Writer || Medium Writer || Book Reader || Film Enthusiast and Critic || Motivational Speaker. I love writing.

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Shitiz Srivastava

Shitiz Srivastava

A Film Director|| An Author At Amazon || Quora Writer || Medium Writer || Book Reader || Film Enthusiast and Critic || Motivational Speaker. I love writing.

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