How to give great Auditions and end up landing a role?

“The difference between a successful actor and a failed actor is that successful one approaches audition happily thinking he is the solution to their problems, failed actors reaches audition thinking, “How dare they judge me and my art of acting?”

There is no way you can ignore the importance of auditions.

Wait, here is the first and most precious advice —


Auditions are not taken to doubt your talent as an actor. They are the screening process to separate the good actors from bad actors and to check whether you fit the role.

People often take audition rejections very personally and often hold grudge against casting directors and their assistants, on the other hand, the casting director doesn’t even know the name of the actor he is supposedly holding grudge against.

Auditions are the best thing that can happen to an actor because it helps to hone their acting talent and separates a good actor from a crowd of wannabe’s.

Don’t think from Casting Director’s point of view and just imagine this -

Someone has spent money and hired a room, people, lights and camera so that actors like you can come and perform their talent in front of them.

So why get irritated.

An actor has to be always ready to perform, irrespective of the place and time. If you think you are so good that you do not want to perform without getting paid first — Leave the city immediately as the very single thought would be the reason for your impending doom.

No one will pay you till you get your brand established and let me be clearer about it — you are not supposed to ask for payments before that happens as well.

If you get paid consider yourself lucky. Work for free wherever you can and get contacts and profile ready.

Do not enter the acting field (just & only) because of money as you can make more money with a guarantee of it happening at many other jobs and businesses but choose the acting field for fame and money both.

Fame only comes when you are better and different from other people. Don’t worry about money. Money follows the trail of fame.

Have you ever wondered why people who worry too much about money doesn’t often have any?

Do you think Ranveer Singh is highly talented?


Did he get a break because he was talented?

No, he is the son of a rich businessman who had tremendous connections.

In terms of acting, if there is one person who is on the top position on his own then it is only one guy and it is Nawazuddin Siddiqui.

For others who do not have enough connections and does not have enough money, they have no other way but to give auditions. So, don’t ever curse the only way you have i.e. auditions.

But the question arises — how to give successful auditions?

First of all, never let your mood go off, ever, while you are a struggling actor in Mumbai.

No no, I am not trying to be sympathetic towards you.

Actually, being in the state of bad mood will waste a lot of your time and devoid you of some great ideas which would have come to you if only you had kept your mind empty and positive.

Second, if you think auditions are only for getting an acting job, then you are GROSSLY mistaken.

Auditions are not just for getting acting jobs. Auditions are a great way to make contacts with other actors, casting directors, to know more people, know more about production houses, make your presence felt and have a clip of you made for free which will automatically be rotated at several places.

And in the end, it gives you a chance to perform and hone your skills at acting.

Another point I want to make is that — stop shouting and lying about how many auditions you went to.

The truth is you haven’t been to as many auditions as you should have and you know that.

Just because you didn’t get success at the last five auditions doesn’t mean that you won’t be selected at other auditions as well.

I have met so many strugglers who would tell me that they have been to every audition in the city, been to every production house and yet they haven’t got the result.

But when I would ask them to name the production houses they have visited, they wouldn’t name beyond five or six.

The truth was that they went to a few auditions and production houses and when they didn’t get the result, they convinced themselves that there won’t be work for them anywhere else as well.

Another great advice for you — Stop feeding bullshit to your own mind.

Now there will be two more things that will happen when you will go for auditions.

First, you will see people who are smarter and more beautiful than you are. Second, you will see people who have more contacts with casting directors than you.

Don’t be frustrated by that. Yes, it is true that rich, well connected and stars kids easily become stars but then again it is not true in every case so you don’t have to worry about that.

Also, the economic status of a person is something you have no control over.

So, don’t fret over something you don’t have any control over.

The people who are more beautiful than you, smarter than you and well-connected than you are coming to give auditions, then they are the same as you.

Don’t feel inferior to them.

If they were better and well connected, they wouldn’t be at auditions.

While giving auditions it is very important that you stop caring about what other people are doing.

Competition is good but unnecessary competition is something that gives you only frustration, and frustration is never good.

The healthy competition happens only when you know the person and it is never about the job, it is more about knowledge and hard work.

George Clooney said in an interview that he was rejected in nearly every big audition he ever went to and his success was limited to small screen roles.

He decided one day that from the next time whenever he will go to an audition, he will believe that he is the solution to every casting director’s problem, he believed that he was the right actor the casting director was looking for and that is how he approached every audition.

What a great way to motivate himself.

No doubt, he soon starts getting great roles.

He says that he never thought of an audition as audition rather as a performance ground which is given to him to perform in front of few people, called Casting Directors, who are also his audience, for which they have spent money to set everything up and have waited an entire day to see his performance.

It does not matter what story you make for yourself.

What matters is that you keep going to the auditions without ever feeling demotivated. Maybe you will not be selected for the first 50 auditions you will give but soon it will change everything when everyone will get to know you and suddenly you will find yourself overworked.

I say take auditions as a kind of work that you have to do daily.

Don’t think of the acting job that you get from auditions as work rather think of auditions as work and acting job as a luxurious exercise to become famous and keep doing it till you achieve success.

You will learn so much about acting while giving auditions again and again and you will find your personality developing positively.

It is this and nothing else that will help you in gaining contacts and more work.

Between the guy who is more talented and the guy who is more persistent, it is always the guy who is more persistent who wins the game of life.

Now, pick your audition bag and run to give more auditions.

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