Stop feeling guilty for working from home !!

There is a problem and let me address it now.

People feel guilty if they sit at home and do nothing.

The idea that people should do hard work and earn money and then eat food is so much fed into our mind that we think that if we haven’t worked hard all day then we don’t deserve to enjoy.

I, for one, don’t enjoy in my life because no matter how much hard work I do I always feel that I haven’t done enough because I am not going to the office and there is a not a paycheck waiting for me at the end of the month.

When people do jobs they work from 9–5 and get paid for it even if they do nothing in the office, but still, it gives a feeling that they have been on work and so when they come home, they enjoy their life.

That is why urban cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad or Delhi which are a hub of salaried people are so much crowded on Saturday and Sunday everywhere.

Everyone has been to office 5 days a week and these two days they enjoy and it is a guiltless time of drinking, roaming around and chilling watching films at home.

For people like me who are writers and independent filmmakers, or even for start-up guys who do not have an office or who do not go out to meet people much there is no way to track the effort that one does.

I don’t remember feeling free on Sunday just because it is Sunday and it is a holiday for everyone. For some unknown reasons, I work more on Sunday’s as I feel that holiday should not be wasted and I need to get prepared for the upcoming week.

I was wrong.

If you are doing the same then you are wrong too. Don’t work all the time inside your head.

I don’t think I have a proper solution but I have my ways to deal with the situation as I believe you will have your own.

The reason I don’t have a proper solution or this problem is my mind. I have too much anxiety in my mind which I know a lot of people have too. It blocks every good thing coming to my mind. anxiety is a problem that lots of people are facing on a daily basis and the core reason behind it is too much intake of involuntarily redundant information from several sources.

No matter how much you work, because of that extra information, you want to work more.

Even if I am sitting with my friends at some club or a beer bar, my mind is still thinking the same thing — work, work, work.

Ironically, I think more about work when I am not working.

Well as I told you I don’t have a solution to this problem but I do have some methods that work for a brief period of time.

No not weed. Though that helps too.

Let’s just say that if you set a goal of a few tasks in a day and complete them within a given period of time then I guess you will feel that you have also done your bit.

There is one more thing that helped me in my case. I sat with my shoes on wearing formal clothes which feigned a feeling that I am actually working in an office.

What happened was that my mind was mapped to my formal shoes so for the time I was wearing the formal shoes, I would feel that I am working and the moment I would remove my shoes I would feel I was free to do anything else.

I know it is tough to work from home but now that corona Virus is spreading like porn content on the internet, everyone is working from home. People might be realizing now what people working from home suffers from.

Not many people experience what self-employed people suffer when they work from home with the hope that their hard work will pay them back someday.

I believe that the realization that you are feeling guilty solves half of your problem so first try to understand that even if you are earning good money from home, it is imperative that you should take out some time to enjoy too or at least give some time to your family.