97. Why you should Act more , despite self-resistance ??

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There is a mall in Lucknow called wave cinemas and it has a very apt tag line –“Real life is boring.”

True that.

Real-life is shit boring and that is why we flock in huge numbers at movie halls to watch films or binge-watch thriller series on our laptops to give ourselves some entertainment in life.

The process of living life is quite boring, tedious and it bores the hell out of us.

More today than ever.

The fight to earn the living has become harder and harder with time and there is no good motivation for living life if you don’t have enough money and more than that, enough time to enjoy that money.

You may ask — “Is there any way to make it more interesting?”

Yes, there is.

When in college, life is pretty exciting for everyone. No burden of earning your daily bread. No paying of taxes. No burden of responsibilities.

In college everyone thinks that they are going to conquer the world because they fail to understand one important funda of life — Earning money is quite fucking difficult.

For everyone, their father is the ideal man till they are a teenager. Then they start seeing their father as a failure unless their father is fucking Ambani, then you to fucking admire him. After that, they move out in the real world and earn their first salary. It is then when they realize that their father was actually a goddamn hero and whatever money he earned was actually quite a hard shitty act of life.

We think that we will be fucking super successful in life very early because we are better than the rest.

A big NO.

Personally, I thought everything was going to be easy for me because in our mind we can think of any fucking thing and I, for once, was no exception.

Age of youth makes us believe that we can do any shit in this world because — who is going to stop us.

We never know what are the hurdles we are going to face while achieving our dream we have set for ourselves. Youth is just before we actually enter into real life and find that life was not really what was shown to us.

It is much harder and much fiercer. Most of the obstacles in early life are solved by our parents and since we don’t know how they solved it so we think it must be an easy thing to do.

It is NOT.

Just like everyone in their youth, I was also a small clueless frog in a small pit who saw the world as far as his eyes could reach. I didn’t know what was beyond this well. The real world was outside the well.

Coming to the real world I saw that the world is much bigger and complex than I thought. There are people who have accomplished more than I could ever imagine to accomplish in my entire life. They accomplished everything at the age, which I strive to achieve in my entire life, when I was writing love letters to the girl I was in love with.

There are people like Steve Jobs who it turns out got accidentally famous just because they met someone who was genius and wanted to make money out of everything they created together. But was it really accidental?

He was thrown out of his own fucking company. He later started his won animation company which was top in the business and later his own parent company called him back to run it because they fucking failed without him.

Jobs proved hissuccess again and again and then we realize that may be he was not a fluke but a genuinely talented man.

Same goes for Amitabh Bachchan who failed and didn’t have any work for five years. His business ventures failed but he made comeback and in opinion there is no other actor in this world who is considered top actor in their 70s. Even Pacino and DeNiro ae struggling to get good roles.

There is a commencement speech of Jobs at Stanford which went viral on Youtube. In that speech, Jobs say that you have to chase your passion and find something that you really want to do.

Really ??

I followed that advice for a long time and guess what, no results.

Passion has become an overused word in the closed cabins of the Silicon Valley after that speech.

Does anyone knows exactly what passion means.


But do they use it int heir vernacular everyday.

fucking YES.

But why?

Becuase is gives them a purpose of life. It gives them about themselves to look up to. It gives them some powerful motivational words to talk to other people.

I googled “Passion Meaning” and this is what google threw at me -

1 : a strong feeling or emotion 2 : an object of someone’s love, liking, or desire 3 : strong liking or desire : love

Surprised. Right !!

Most people surprisingly think of passion as something attainable property which once they acquire they can achieve anything in life.

Passion is just an emotion or a desire but it is so strong that it persists for a linger period of time.

Right words have great powers. If you don’t understand the power of language then go read Noam Chomsky and better, read about Neuro Linguistic Programming, a great concept to understand the power of words created by Richard Brandler.

Words can put you into hells of depression and can also lift you up an motivate you to move out of your comfort zone and do some real shit.

I used to listen to a lot of motivational lecture and those lectures were the reason I kept motivating myself over a big period of time.

Motivation, however, is like porn. Don’t listen to too much motivational shit or you will be dependent on it.

Motivation affects you when you are listening to good spekars or reading some book but it differs in one way from porn — It doesn’t stay with you for long. Porn sticks in your mind all the time while Motivation slips away and you to struggle slot to keep it with you.

Just like one takes a bath every day. One has to get motivated every day. You can’t expect to read the “The magic of thinking Big “ in one night and expect to be motivated for an entire month.

Given an opportunity, most people would like to sit at home and wish money poured from the sky.

So What is passion anyway? How do you define it?

I am not asking for the dictionary definition as I have already given one. That might explain the word but not the feeling behind it.

Most of the time in real life we use words not in the manner in which they are defined but, in the manner, we feel they should be used.

Being passionate I think means living in that state of mind for every fucking minute of your life and never letting go of the goal we set in our lives.

It is the most difficult thing to do and that is why you will find more people talking about it than actually having it.

No matter what you do in life, or what you follow, you will feel bored doing it after a while. Humans cannot continue to do something for a longer period of time without getting tired of it. The only thing due to which people stick to jobs is because of money and security of life otherwise they would leave it next day.

I haven’t met a single soul in my life who is truly happy about his life and job. The repetition of doing something over and over every day wears one-off.

But turns out that one of the most important and trusted ways to become successful in life is to do the repetition of any task for a longer period of time. If you keep doing something again and again for a longer period of time then it will make you a master of it.

Why people don’t get successful in jobs by doing same thing again and again for 30–40 years?

They actually get successful but the benefits of that success is reaped by someone else who is sitting at the top as the boss.

People who do the repetition of a task, again and again, become more successful than those who keep jumping from one thing to another.

You write everyday for ten years without waiting for success and you will be a terrific writer one day.

I came to know about this secret after I wasted long time trying so many things that I became jack of all trades and master of one. After reading a lot of books on success, I found that was one thing common in them all — you got to keep doing things to become successful and the narrower your area of interest of activity the more successful you will become.

But how to keep repeating things one after another without getting bored.

Sadly there isn’t any solution and that is why the passion thing works. If you really want to do something, you will move over the boredom of repetition and keep on doing the thing for longer periods of time that you will eventually become master of it. Well read Robert Greene’s “Mastery” and Malcolm Gladwell’s “Outliers” to know more about it.

We don’t become good at something by just reading about it. If you read a lot you will become a good reader. People think that if they read a lot they will become a good speaker.

Well, bull the shit.

That is far from the truth. You have to speak a lot to become a good speaker.

You don’t get apple juice by crushing sugarcane sticks on the juice machine.

The most successful people in this world were those who either got an edge of power or money from their predecessor or they kept doing things until they became successful.

That is why I keep emphasizing to everyone the importance of taking more action in life.

Getting bored at something is an art and one should master this art as well.

There have been people who just sit and do nothing, not because they weren’t doing anything but because they were conceiving the plans inside their head. Tesla and Einstein did just that. They would sit in their chairs for hours and think of the ideas, theories and plans to execute in the future. That kind of thinking is good. It is called visualization. You read any book on Mind power and thinking and you will be given additional knowledge on visualization by the writer. It is like a mandatory thing. Read Creative Visualization by Shakti Shakti Gwain if you want to know more. It is a good book to start. If you ar not a reader then just watch the documentary “The secret”, it is seen by nearly everyone anyways.

But even though there are multitudes of books that claim that the more you will think the more you will grow, I have done that and trust me if you don’t exactly understand what it means then you will end up losing your time and energy.

Thinking does not mean that you think just any random shit. Thinking means a razor-sharp focus on the things that you want to do in the future and want to acquire in life. Thinking right means having control over your thought.

But what most of us think is so many random things and then we wonder why nothing ever happens in our life.

Things don’t happen because most of us don’t think right.

But is it your fault?

Nope. I and Simon Sinek will both disagree with you.

If you were born after 1988 then it is not otherwise, it is your fault.

More people are suffering from depression and anxiety these days because the measurement of success today is calculated by the number of followers on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.

It looks that most youngsters are successful today on social media but they are under more pressure and depression of creating new content every day. They don’t know how to relax. They want to live rich and luxurious life because this is what they see on social media but they don’t have the patience to work on it.

What is the solution?

The solution is the patience and creating a system of doing things that doesn’t demotivate you and for God’s sake, stop picking mobile phone every 3 seconds.



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